Author: Tony Eaton

Sensa granite worktop

SENSA Granite By Cosentino, The Superior Granite Surface.

SENSA Granite By Cosentino, The Superior Granite Surface. As a company, we supply a vast range of granite worktops in numerous colours and finishes from a variety of different suppliers, but the granite from the SENSA Range from Cosentino is completely different. Granite is by its nature naturally porous to differing degrees and we deal […]
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New Opening Guidelines.

Happy New Year. We have re-opened the offices and showroom this morning as we are a manufacturing company and our premises are in tier 3. It is unfortunate that we are situated on the divide between the BCP Council and Dorset Council boundary with the BCP being in tier 4 and Dorset being in tier […]
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The Benefits Of Using Stone For Your Bespoke Kitchen Worktop | Eaton Stonemason News

The benefits of using stone for your bespoke kitchen worktop

Over the years, kitchen worktop materials have changed quite drastically, offering a vast choice across all budgets. New technology has given us tough materials that are virtually indestructible for the busiest of family homes. Meanwhile, the trend for open-plan layouts has led to the introduction of luxury materials for those able to provide them with […]
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COVID 19 Update.

It is so nice to finally re-open our showroom after the second national lockdown, it seemed so empty and lifeless without the flow of people through the doors. The showroom has resumed where it left off and is once again very busy and we are now adhering to the new national tiered regulations, but looking […]
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COVID-19 Update.

Following the Prime Ministers announcement last Saturday evening we would like to assure our customers that as we are a manufacturing company attached to the construction industry we will remain open throughout this lockdown. Although the office and workshops are open, unfortunately our showroom will have to close. This will take effect on Wednesday 4th […]
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Bespoke Kitchen Worktop

Why choose a bespoke kitchen worktop?

Are you planning a home renovation and looking to have a new kitchen fitted? The finishing touch of a bespoke kitchen worktop can add that real wow factor to your room. Stone kitchen worktops have been rising in popularity over the years, thanks to their unique looks and being easy to maintain. While custom stone […]
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1810 Company New Addition.

As a company, we have, for many years, been a proud supplier of sinks and taps from the 1810 Company and are excited by their new addition of the Liquid Soap Dispenser. This addition to their extensive product range, at this time of increased hand washing, is a great idea and the 1810 liquid soap […]
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showroom Wareham

Care Instructions.

We get asked on a regular basis for cleaning instructions and so I thought I would put our care information on here in the hope that it will be of use to anyone who has a natural stone or quartz surface. The upkeep is simple and is as follows. Granite, Marble and Quartz. Both granite […]
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