Benefits of visiting a worktop showroom over purchasing worktops online

Benefits of a stone showroom vs buying online

When planning for your kitchen renovation, one of the elements you will need to consider is where you will be sourcing your stone worktops. Whilst online shops provide an enticing offer of cheap worktops, there are clear benefits of visiting a stone worktop showroom and purchasing independently.   

See over 300 stone samples

Some customers come into our worktop showroom knowing exactly what they want, others are a little undecided. This is why we have over 300 samples for you to choose from within our stone showroom. There is absolutely no pressure to choose there and then, and we are always happy to quote based on a few of your favourites. 

If you don’t want to commit to one (or a few) at the time of your appointment, you are also able to take away the samples to match with kitchen units or flooring. 

Some brands of worktops are more pricey than others, so it’s good to compare them yourself and make an informed decision. 

Walk around our kitchens and see it in real life 

We have quite a few of our worktops mocked up into ‘real life’ kitchens, so you can see the bigger picture. We understand it’s hard to visualise your new kitchen sometimes, so we hope this helps! Alternatively, you can always bring your kitchen unit sample in with you to your appointment

Having a walk around our kitchens also gives you the opportunity to see the splashbacks, drainage flutes and upstands in situ.

Watch our stonemasons in action 

Just behind our worktop showroom is where the magic happens, whilst due to health and safety you can’t enter the workshop, you will be able to see our stonemasons in action through the window. This just gives you that extra bit of trust in us that we make all our worktops in-house at our Wareham workshop. 

Experienced, in-person advice 

It can be a minefield getting in touch with people over the phone nowadays, especially large companies with big call centres. However, at Eaton Stonemasons you will be able to talk to one of our highly professional stone worktop experts in person. Whether you speak to Stuart or Colin here, they’ve been in this industry for many years and know our products like the back of their hand, in fact, they actually worked as worktop fitters first before working within the worktop showroom! 

It also means you will get industry knowledge on trends and what works best for certain spaces as well as our design opinion on extras you can add to make your new worktop really stand out. This could be the addition of drainage flutes (which you may not have thought of when browsing online) or a splashback behind your oven. 

Peace of mind 

You know what you’re signing up for when you come with us, there’s no uncertainty about the fact you haven’t spoken to someone face-to-face and we will personally be the ones measuring and creating the template and installing it. This allows you to relax and have peace of mind that the job will be done correctly. 

No hidden costs 

Your quote will be sent to you via email clear as day, there are no hidden costs at the end of your journey with us, you will just be left with stunning worktops! 

We make our quotes as simple to understand as possible, and each price will be broken down so you can pick and choose what you want if need be. 

Once you’ve received your quote, you can also give your worktop expert a call to go through everything or visit the stone showroom again. 

Ready to speak to one of our team? 

If you would like to arrange an appointment to visit our stone worktop showroom, simply drop us a message via our contact form here, or give us a call on 01929 550653