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Bringing sophistication and style to your bar can be achieved with a bespoke stone bar top. Not only are they stylish, but they are long lasting and durable too. 

Whether you are looking for a bar top to go in a trendy central bar, or for a traditional pub, a stone bar top will give you plenty of options that will create a perfect look for your bar. As stone will vary from slab to slab, your made to measure bar top will be truly unique.  

Why choose Eaton Stonemasons?

The team at Eaton Stonemasons have decades worth of experience in creating stone bar tops that will fit your needs perfectly.

We know that every bar will not only have its own shape and size, but will also have its own character that is central to composing an atmosphere. We are able to design and install a completely bespoke bar top, using some of the worlds best stones to help you create a made to measure bar top that fits any quirky angle, making the most of your space.

Our expert team will work closely with you at every stage, from advising on which stone to use, and initial designs, to manufacturing and installation. So whether you are looking for new bar tops to go in several locations or a primary location, we can help create and fit a perfect design.

Recommended stone for your bar top

From our experience of designing and installing bespoke stone bar tops, our recommendations would be either quartz or granite.

Both these materials offer a unique look with the patterns and colours available. They are also durable and won’t scratch or etch with everyday use.

A quartz bar top will shine brightly under dim lights, which can help create a perfect atmosphere, but we have found that the most popular choice is a dark granite which doesn’t stand out under the lighting, and won’t show any spillages but does require a little bit more upkeep.

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    Differences between Quartz and Granite

    There are obvious differences between the two materials that we recommend are used for bespoke bar tops.

    Quartz is man-made, making it slightly harder than granite. This also means that it doesn’t need sealing and is very low maintenance, so it’s a perfect choice for a bar. However, quartz is sensitive to UV rays and with regular sun exposure can change colour over time. This should be something to consider if your bar is outside, or has large windows with direct sunlight streaming in.

    Granite is a natural stone, which is formed by the cooling of magma. Because it is a natural stone, it is quite porous, so sealing is regularly needed to prevent the stone from absorbing any liquid and staining. However, if you keep on top of the sealing, granite can be a great choice for a bar top.

    Both granite and quartz are made up of various other materials. Therefore the patterns and colourings of each slab will vary depending on how much of each material is in it.

    Benefits of a Stone Bar Top

    There are a number of reasons why stone is ideal for a bar top. These include:

    • Easy to clean – Most of the time, stone bar tops only need a wipe with a damp cloth (and sometimes a mild soap). Being so easy to clean means that your customers will always have a clean place to rest their arm while they wait for, or sip on, their drinks. Stone also does not harbour bacteria or other microorganisms, making it a naturally clean material to use.
    • Durable – Bar tops can be busy meaning they are susceptible to scratches and stains. But stone is hard wearing so it can look great for a long time.
    • Range of colours and patterns to choose from – With the wide range of colours and patterns we have available, you will be able to find the perfect stone to suit the rest of your interior. View our materials gallery to see your options.
    • Elegant finish – A stone bar top can be a stunning centrepiece for a bar creating a high-end feel that will catch any customers’ eye.

    Learn more about the benefits of choosing a stone bar top

    If you are interested in having a bespoke stone bar top get in touch with us today by calling 01929 550653, or completing the form on this page. 

    Interested in a bespoke bar top?

    If you are interested in a bespoke bar top, but aren’t sure what colour or material you would like, why not view our material gallery?

    Our experienced, friendly team would love to discuss your project with you, so get in touch with us today by calling 01929 550653, or filling in our contact form above. Alternatively, you could visit our stone showroom in Wareham or we could come visit your business venue to chat to us in person about what you are looking for.