How our bespoke worktops fit in with current kitchen trends in 2021

Kitchen trends of 2021. choosing bespoke worktops

Kitchen trends come and go, but good quality bespoke worktops last the test of time and will make a real difference to your home year after year. In this article, we wanted to take a look at the current trends of 2021 and match them with our worktops. 

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Contrasting cabinetry 

A trend that has only really been introduced in the last couple of years, but is now becoming more and more popular and achievable for a lot of budgets. Opting for contrasting cabinet colours allows you to inject some personality into the kitchen and a splash of colour without it being overbearing. 

What’s important is that you then keep a consistent worktop colour and style that compliments both contrasting colour palettes. 

Due to the statement you’ll be making with your cabinets, you should opt for a relatively neutral option so as to not overcomplicate the space. 

Worktop recommendation: Neolith Sintered Stone in Iron Frost 

All white everything

This trend has been around for a while, and whilst a lot of people are choosing a warmer colour palette by adding in woody tones and textures, the all-white kitchen isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so why not embrace this stark look?

If you are really hitting the brief, you will want to partner your white cabinets with cool white worktops and splashbacks, marble and quartz are always a good call!  

Worktop recommendation: Silestone Quartz in Eternal Calacatta Gold 

Statement surfaces 

This is where we start to introduce some colour into our worktops. The statement surfaces trend isn’t for the faint-hearted… we’re talking bold colour choices on both the flooring and worktops. You can usually contrast this nicely with a calmer choice of cabinetry or go handleless to draw the eye to the bolder elements. 

This trend is usually best for a larger open plan kitchen space, as opposed to a small kitchen or galley-style area.

Worktop recommendations: We couldn’t just pick one for this trend, so we’d say either: 

  • Unistone Quartz in Thunder Blue 
  • SENSA Granite in Orinoco 

Industrial chic 

The industrial trend is all about mixed metals, minimalism, bright lighting and harsh edges. It’s a very contemporary style that certainly isn’t for everyone, and won’t suit every house. But, in the right space, and done well, it really will steal the show. 

The trend of industrial kitchens has actually been around for many years now. Taking influences from the Victorian age, factories during this time were very easy to clean, and included plenty of innovative storage options which can now be seen in modern-day industrial kitchens.  

Our recommendation below would pair perfectly with gunmetal black bar stools, brass light fixtures and dark cabinetry. 

Worktop recommendation: Caesarstone Quartz in 4033 Rugged Concrete 

Texture, texture, texture 

This trend can be interpreted in many different ways. And in modern kitchens, you may see it portrayed through the choice of tiles used, the accessories throughout the kitchen, decor around the kitchen such as panelled walls, the flooring which is commonly a softwood, or the worktops. 

You’ll also notice a lot of mixed metals in today’s kitchens too – mixing brass and silver is a popular choice. 

If you opt to add your texture through your worktop and/or splashback, we have many options of bespoke stone worktops that will really catch the eye. 

Worktop recommendation: BQS Canaletto Quartz

Ready to start your dream kitchen?

You may already have a style in mind for your new kitchen, but if not we would be happy to inspire you through our previous customers’ installations. We’ve seen it all and our worktops really do add that finishing touch to transform your space. 

We hope this article has given you some idea of how we match our custom worktops with the popular kitchen styles that are going around in 2021. 

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