Kaleena’s Kitchen: Bespoke Worktops & Kitchen Island

Bespoke worktops and kitchen island

We caught up with our customer, Kaleena, who recently had bespoke worktops and a kitchen island fitted by Eaton Stonemasons. We asked her a few questions about the process and what she thinks about the end product. 

When did your kitchen project start? 

We have been undergoing quite a large renovation of the downstairs of our property and this involved relocating the kitchen from the front of the house to the back of the house so we had a whole new kitchen fitted. We started the project in the Autumn of last year so we’re nearly a year into it now but we’re very close to the end!

Did the project involve structural changes?  

We opened up the back of the house with bi-fold doors and reconfigured the layout downstairs including moving the stairs and knocking some internal walls down.

What made you decide on the style and colour of your new kitchen? 

We have always been quite into neutral colours but loved the idea of a different colour for sections of the units. We opted for a cream for the wall units and a darker grey/blue for the island – it really stands out, and we love it. The worktop colour we chose works so well with the units and looks fresh, modern and classy. We went for a large island as we wanted lots of storage and we love having all that worktop space with the integrated hob and room for stools. 

Where did you get your inspiration from? 

The kitchen company we used construct handmade kitchens so we were able to choose exactly what we wanted. I do like a bit of Pinterest and house magazines so I had some styles and colours in mind. It’s turned out how we imagined so we’re happy!

What made you go for stone worktops over other materials such as solid wood or laminate? 

It was really down to the look and practicality of stone. Firstly we love the look of real stone over laminate – every piece of real stone is different and looks a lot more luxurious in our opinion. If you’re going to spend the time and money on a beautiful kitchen, don’t let it down by putting on a cheaper alternative worktop. We have young children and busy lives so we didn’t want the hassle of having a worktop that required maintenance such as real wood.

Why did you choose Eaton Stonemasons?

We heard about Eaton Stonemasons through a recommendation from a family member, and from what we had seen on their website and social media, we were very impressed with the range of options available. We wanted to use an independent company that would really look after us and provide a great product but with that personal approach. All their reviews were really good too which is always reassuring.

Which worktop did you end up choosing?

We chose the Unistone Carrara Misterio for the island and side worktops. It was the perfect colour with a relatively subtle vein, it’s timeless and not something that will age with time. We opted for drainage flutes fitted around the sink and centered the hob on the island. 

What was the purchasing process like for you? 

We loved the fact that we could go to their showroom and have a look at a large number of samples and meet the team to discuss our budget and how we would use the kitchen. They helped us decide on the best type of stone to opt for as we were unsure of the different types available. We also took one of the kitchen doors with us so we could hold it against the worktop samples and decide on the best colour and style.  

We got the quotation really quickly and we made sure that we ordered our new stone worktop in time to work within the timeframe of the kitchen being installed. Eaton Stonemasons were then on hand to come and fit the new worktop when we were ready. I would suggest going and choosing your worktop in good time though to ensure it’s available in time for your project.

What’s your favourite part of the kitchen?

We love the large island. It’s a lovely space and it really shows off the beautiful stone and veins of the worktop. It gives the whole space a luxury feel. We’re also really happy with the detailing around the sink with the drainage flutes and the way it’s been cut around the sink. We went with upstands rather than tiles behind the sink which looks great and much more modern. It’s a great social space which is exactly what we wanted from our new kitchen – it’s the real hub of the home and where we all hang out!

What would you say to people considering bespoke stone worktops? 

I would say definitely consider a bespoke worktop from Eaton Stonemasons. The worktop has definitely been one of the best decisions we made during the renovation – it’s added a luxury feel and is a real stand-out when you come into the room. We also love how easy it is to clean and maintain. Remember, it’s your kitchen so make sure you get what you want – you don’t have to order your worktop through the company you bought the kitchen from, there’s more choice normally if you go to a specialist bespoke worktop provider.

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Check out the finished product of Kaleena’s kitchen below

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Whether you’re refreshing your kitchen and adding some life back into it, or you’re renovating the whole space and starting from scratch, ordering bespoke stone worktops will give you that premium finish to the room. 

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