Commercial worktops – how Eaton Stonemasons can help your business

Stone outdoor bar top

Making that good first impression is everything nowadays, and in such a competitive marketplace having a well thought out interior design can make a world of difference. So whether you’re a restaurant, bar, hotel, office (or any business for that matter within the hospitality industry), have you considered how stone worktops could improve the overall look of your business?

Restaurants / Bars & Outdoor Kitchens

With social media playing a huge role in the purchasing process for a buyer, it’s more important than ever that your restaurant or bar is ‘Instagram worthy’. In many cases, the aesthetic of a venue is now more of a pull for someone to visit than the recommendations about the actual food are. That’s the 21st century for you!

With this in mind, having clean, modern, bright and good quality surfaces can help you bring your vision to life.

Since Covid struck, many businesses also had to start being inventive when it came to introducing outdoor dining. This is when the market for outdoor kitchens really blew up, and we have now supplied a few businesses with stunning outdoor kitchens to enhance their customers’ dining options.

Many restaurants and bars across the South West have used Eaton Stonemasons for their tabletops, outdoor kitchens and bar worktops to create that effortlessly ‘cool’ look.

What stone should I choose for my restaurant tabletops, bars and outdoor kitchens?

Our Caeserstone Quartz stone has been extremely popular for commercial worktops. Fabricated from natural quartz is one of the hardest minerals found on the Earth. It’s hard-wearing, low-maintenance and ideal for busy restaurants.

Quartz worktops are also non-porous meaning the texture does not allow bacteria to grow and it is highly resistant against stains.

Other stone options that would be suitable include granite and sintered stone, both of which are extremely durable and hardwearing and available in a range of colours, allowing you to make a real statement or keep it neutral.



What is the first thing someone will see when they walk into your hotel? The reception area. So if you haven’t updated it in years, it’s likely to be looking a little tatty and isn’t going to give that good first impression to your guests.

Impress them with a bespoke stone worktop!

Even if your hotel is more traditional as opposed to a modern sparse reception area, the great thing about stone worktops is that there are so many options that suit all styles, with no two worktops being the same.


Other hospitality industries that use stone worktop

  • Spas – your spa reception area needs to reflect the rest of the experience that your clients will enjoy… Lighter coloured quartz stone options are more preferred for spas as they match the spa vibe of relaxation, calm & clean.
  • Casinos – you can probably make a bit more of a statement with your casino tabletops or reception area, so take a look at the range of striking textures and colours that we can provide.
  • Offices – if you have any number of clients or customers coming to visit your office, you need it to look appealing. Start with a good looking stone worktop!

We have almost 200 reviews on our Checkatrade account showcasing our stone worktops which you can view here. We’re rated 10/10!

“This is the third job we have had done by Eaton Stonemasons in the last six months. One of the others was our entire kitchen granite work surface. They are absolutely spot on with punctuality, professionalism, quality of workmanship and quotations. Cannot fault them – we are extremely happy with all three jobs they have done.” – Customer


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We can work closely with your interior designer, builder, kitchen installer etc. to ensure that everything falls into place.

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