Custom Granite Worktops

High quality, fully bespoke granite worktops for your home or business

Bespoke Granite Worktops

Good-looking, hard-wearing, practical and value-enhancing; custom granite worktops set the highest standard in contemporary homes or business.

They are the perfect choice if you want the very best stone kitchen worktop, or perhaps a stone reception desk that really makes an impactHowever unique the space may be, Eaton Stonemasons will be able to design, manufacture and install the perfect bespoke granite worktop for your requirements.

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We would be happy to discuss your requirements, arrange a quote and offer advice on choosing custom granite worktops.

Eaton Stonemason custom Granite worktops

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    What Is Granite?

    Granite is an igneous rock made up from quartz, feldspar, micas and a mixture of minerals. The stone is quarried straight from the earth as a large block, which is then sliced into slabs and polished to give it its signature smooth, shiny finish.

    Since granite occurs naturally (it’s formed by the cooling of magma), each slab is unique. The various minerals and stone types used in the material give granite the numerous colours and textures we see in our quality granite worktops. Many people invest in bespoke granite worktops because they get something distinct, beautiful and custom to their home.

    Speak to one of our experts about using granite in your project by calling 01929 550653.

    Choice of stone

    Custom granite kitchen worktops are one of the most popular worktop stones for very good reason. Some of the key reasons to choose this stone are: 

    • High polish – The slow crystallisation process gives it a high-shine polish.
    • Scratch-resistant – Granite worktops are very difficult to damage.
    • Hygienic – Due to its naturally cool surface, it is ideal for food preparation.
    • Custom finish – Granite takes years, to form so no two pieces are the same.
    • Easy maintenance – It can be cleaned with warm, soapy water.
    • Heat resistant – It’s not completely heatproof but can withstand up to 250°C.

    To see the types of granite worktop colours we have available, you can visit our stone showroom or view our online materials gallery.

    Custom Granite Worktop Prices

    The price of our bespoke granite worktops is based on a variety of factors including the size of the stone, choice of granite and colour options. 

    To get an instant quote, please phone our expert team on 01929 550653.

    They can give you an estimation for your custom granite worktop project. If you would rather speak to someone in person, view our choice of stones and create a custom design, we’d be more than happy to welcome you to our stone showroom

    Located in Wareham, Dorset, our experts can help you create the perfect custom granite worktop for your kitchen, restaurant, reception area and more.

    You can also view various granite colours in our material gallery