How to prepare for stone worktop templating

stone worktop templating

You’ve been into the showroom, discussed the various options, ordered your kitchen or bathroom and chosen your stone… what’s next? Stone worktop templating!

Typically, we will template your stone worktop or countertop about 1 week before installation, but there are a few things you need to ensure are done by yourself to prepare for the templating.

To help make certain our team can template with no issues, here’s our guide to how to prepare…

Make sure the units and carcasses are fixed and in their final position.

This step is vital and unfortunately, if your kitchen or bathroom units are not fully installed, our templating team won’t be able to measure up.

Make sure you’re fully happy with the layout installed and that all units are fully drilled into the walls. Basically, the worktops should be the last thing to go in, so your kitchen or bathroom should be in a relatively good state by the time our team turns up. Once templated the units cannot be moved or altered.

Is everything level?

This may sound obvious, but you don’t want any measurement issues to arise because your units aren’t level. If you’re having a kitchen fitter sort your space out, this shouldn’t be an issue you have to check, but if you’re installing the units yourself, then double-check!

Buy in advance

Ensure that you have your chosen appliances and items such as your sink and tap ordered and available for our team to see. This can make a big difference in the measurements for the worktop so we need as much clarity as possible.

If your sink is under-mounted, it may be able to be installed before the worktop is templated, which makes our jobs even easier! Similarly, by having your taps to hand, we can more clearly mark out where holes need to be cut.

Drainage grooves can be placed on whichever side of your sink you want (assuming you have the space allowed for these), so have a think beforehand if you have a preference.

Have a plan in mind for placements of larger items

Typically, you will choose the placement of items such as your oven, microwave, and fridge/freezer during the kitchen design process, and it won’t have too much impact on the worktops as nowadays they are built into tower units.

However, in many cases, the hob is something we need to work around and cut a hole for, so make sure you know where this will be going.

Tidy and clean the space

To get an exact measurement, we need the area to be ready which means it’s free of items that may have been placed on the units or any dust if possible.

Be present on the stone worktop templating day

We always like someone who has the knowledge of the project and can make decisions about it to be there on the day, as this just means we can ask questions that may crop up during the templating. Questions that we may discuss with you include;
– What side would you like your drainage grooves?
– What finish would you like on the edges? (if not already discussed)
– What height would you like the upstands? (100mm is typical, but we can discuss other options if you have a preference)

Common questions we get asked about stone worktop templating and installation

How long does worktop templating take?

Depending on the complexity of your kitchen or bathroom and how many sheets are required of the stone, templating usually takes between 45 mins – 2 hours.

What happens after the templating is done?

You will need to sign an agreement at this stage to say you’re happy with the agreed worktop and template, we will then take this away and start the process of cutting your stone worktops ready for installation.

You will be given a date by our team that is convenient for you to have your stone worktops installed.

How long does installation take?

Again, this is completely dependent on the space and the number of worktops we are installing. For example, a basic kitchen with just 3 or 4 templates plus upstands may just take half a day, however, if we are completing a bigger job that includes worktops, a waterfall edging feature on an island, utility room, splashbacks and upstands, the job could take a full day. This will all be discussed with you during the booking process.

Ready to start planning your stone worktop?

If you’re reading this article to understand more about the process of stone worktop templating, but are yet to start your kitchen or bathroom renovation, now is the perfect time to get in touch with us and visit the showroom to see our extensive collection of stone worktop swatches.

Give us a call at 01929 550653 or email us at, alternatively just pop into our showroom in Wareham, we’re open Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5.30pm.

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