We Welcome Unistone Quartz to Our Range

As the coronavirus breaks and with the foresight that the supply of some of our quartz materials may be hindered we have decided to add Unistone Quartz to the extensive range of quartz?s that we can offer.

Unistone Quartz is manufactured in Vietnam using the best European Breton technology and supplied in the UK by Brachot Hermant. This material is extremely hard wearing and has over a 90% quartz content. It is available in a variety of colours and patterns with different finishes to include Polished, Honed and Velluto.

The polished finish is the most popular and the easiest to maintain, it gives the material a gloss with a stronger colour and extra depth to the veining.

The Honed finish gives a matt look to the surface leaving the colours slightly muted whilst giving a warm and softer look to the material.

The Velluto finish is a velvety textured surface which has a matt finish with a soft sheen and is also soft to the touch.

All the finishes are hard wearing and maintenance friendly. It comes in 1.2cm, 2cm, and 3cm thick slab format with the slabs being a very usable 3.3metres long by 1.65 metres high. This material is resistant to most chemicals and stains and is certified antibacterial.

Unistone Quartz is on show in our showroom and will be a very popular choice.