Kitchen worktop extra features

Bespoke Kitchen worktop features

Bespoke kitchen worktop features

As well as looking sophisticated and elegant, a stone kitchen worktop needs to be functional for you.

At Eaton Stonemasons, we have over 20 years of experience in designing and installing kitchens, so we create bespoke kitchen worktops with all the features you might need to keep your kitchen practical.

If you would like to see examples of our custom worktop features, then visit our stone showroom in Wareham. 

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Upstands ​

Upstands are an extension of your stone kitchen worktop that goes a short way up the wall behind the worktop. While these can be made to any height, they are generally around 100mm high.

They can be finished off with a simple square edge, or shaped with a moulded edge to fit your kitchen style.

Bespoke kitchen worktops upstands
Bespoke kitchen worktops Splashbacks


Splashbacks are a large slab of stone that goes up the wall, usually found behind a hob. These can be shaped to fit an extractor fan unit, or to go around any cupboards.

Stone splashbacks are easy to clean, so you no longer have to worry about greasy tiles in your kitchen.

Drainage flutes

These are also known as drainage grooves and are a popular feature for stone kitchen worktops around the sink. These are grooves in your custom stone worktop that prevent water from spreading along the rest of the stone worktop surface.

The position, length and pattern of the drainage flutes can be customised to your requirements.

Speak to our friendly team to learn more about the benefits of having drainage flutes in your bespoke stone kitchen worktop by calling 01929 550653.

Bespoke kitchen worktops Drainage flutes
Bespoke kitchen worktops finishes

Finishes to your bespoke kitchen worktops

There are a few different finishes that you can have on your bespoke kitchen worktop.

Polished – Adds a high gloss finish making it a highly reflective surface. This creates a luxurious look for your kitchen.

Honed – Is a smooth matt finish that has a touch of a low gloss sheen. It is a more subtle look than a polished finish but can be just as elegant.

Antique – A subtle coarse texture to finish off your stone kitchen worktop. The edges will be honed so that they complement the worktop perfectly.

Satinato – A middle ground between the three finishes above. It creates a textured satin finish with a leathery feel.

To learn more about these different types of finishes, visit our experts in our stone showroom, or contact us on the form below.

Sink cut outs

Bespoke kitchen worktops can also have a cut out for a sink to be placed among the stone worktop. The hole will be the exact shape and size required to fit your sink in. Usually, they are undermounted sinks, so that the sink will sit underneath the worktop meaning that they are finished with a small overhang.

This creates a seamless look and feel to your kitchen and helps to keep water within the sink and surrounding areas.

Bespoke kitchen worktops Sink cut outs
Bespoke kitchen worktops edge profiles

Edge profiles

You can choose from a number of edge types when designing your bespoke kitchen worktop. From having rounded corners to having a more square effect or something fancier, you can choose an edge profile that will perfectly finish off your custom stone kitchen worktop.

Visit our experts in our stone showroom to discuss edge profiles, or complete the form below with your questions.

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