Our top 10 Caesarstone materials

Caesarstone Quartz bespoke kitchen worktops

A quartz stone worktop often provides a sophisticated finish to the room it is being added too. Due to its resistance to scratches and stains, quartz is a popular choice for bespoke kitchen worktops. 

At our stone showroom, we have over 300 samples to show anyone that comes in and these come from a few different suppliers. Last month we shared with you why we love working with Unistone Quartz, so this month we wanted to spotlight another supplier that we stock in our showroom, and share with you our top 10 materials from them. 

Why use Caesarstone for your bespoke kitchen worktop?

Before we dive into the specific materials we like to work with, we should probably explain why we choose to stock Caesarstone quartz.

Caesarstone Quartz is a strong material as it is made up of 90% of the purest quartz particles, and is moulded with resins and pigments to make an incredibly resilient surface.

Like most quartz suppliers, Caesarstone offers a variety of patterns and colours, meaning that you have a whole range of options allowing you to find the perfect fit for your room.

You can rest assured that these worktops are produced and finished off in accordance with necessary regulations. They are everything a good surface needs to be, non-porous, and they are non-toxic. They also don’t require any sealants or wax to retain the Caesarstone Hygiene Standard, and they don’t host any bacteria, mould, or mildew.

Caesarstone quartz is also very low maintenance and is easy to keep clean. All you need is soap, water and a soft cloth to wipe away any mess. The surface is also impenetrable meaning that it is non-absorbent and highly resistant to staining.

The stone is scratch resistant and heat resistant which is perfect for a busy kitchen. However, we would recommend using chopping boards and heat mats to ensure your bespoke kitchen worktop stays flawless for longer.

Finally, we know that this is a quality stone to work with and will last in a kitchen for years to come.

Our top 10 caesarstone quartz stones for your bespoke kitchen worktop

Now that we have covered the reasons why we like working with Caesarstone, let’s get to our top 10 materials from them.

Pure White

Pure white is, as the title suggests, a perfect white which creates a very smooth, immaculate surface.

It comes with a finished polish and is a solid colour, meaning that there is no pattern. This makes it perfect for a simple kitchen or to be paired with a bright or patterned unit set or tile. It will pretty much go with anything! Also ideal if you want to brighten up a darker room.

This stone comes in 2 sizes with a standard size being 1440 mm x 3040 and the larger size being 1640 mm x 3240 mm. This means for bigger bespoke kitchen worktops, we can cover larger areas with less seams.

We also like this material because it comes in 2 thicknesses, giving you an option on how thick you want your bespoke worktops. If you are looking for a thinner worktop you can choose the 20mm thickness, but for something a little chunkier you can choose the 30mm thickness.

With the varying thickness options, you can also choose from a variety of edges to add an extra element to your bespoke kitchen worktop. We recommend you speak to one of our worktop experts to learn about the options available for this. You can call us on 01929 550653 or drop by our stone showroom.

Fresh Concrete

This quartz material is a twist on the white stone. It has touches of subtle greys to make it a slightly off white and brings a warmth to the tone.

The material has a concrete finish, so it is matt rather than shiny, giving off a slightly more industrial feel.

Like the Pure White, we are able to get this material in 2 sizes and 2 thicknesses. The standard size slab is 1440 mm x 3040mm while the jumbo slab is 1640 mm x 3240 mm, again this allows us to create larger worktops without too many joining seams to give a smooth and continuous look.

You can choose between a 10mm or 30mm thickness too, which can also be sculpted into your choice of edge.

If you would like to see a sample of this material, either visit our Wareham stone showroom or give us a call and we can send out a sample to you.

White Attica

This material is a feature in itself with its different tones of grey veins ebbing across the flawless white background.

You can get White Attica with either a polished finish or a honed finish, depending on how shiny you are wanting your bespoke kitchen worktop.

Again, we can get this material in the same 2 sizes and thicknesses as the previous two materials, meaning we can offer the same options for thickness, edging and coverage.

Cloudburst Concrete

Cloudburst Concrete is a variation of the concrete look for a cosmopolitan industrial feel. The way the mixture of whites and creams mix together means that no two slabs are the same so you will have a truly unique bespoke kitchen worktop.

To complete the industrial look of this material, it has a rough concrete finish rather than a smooth and shiny one.

Unlike the other 3 materials, this one only comes in a jumbo slab of 1640 mm x 3240 mm making it perfect for a kitchen with larger worktops.

It does, however, still come in the 2 thicknesses allowing you to choose from a variety of edges to suit your kitchen.

Airy Concrete

Another concrete material, this has been named airy as it has swirling clouds of darker hues and white flashes to create a textured surface.

Like the other concrete materials in our top 10, this has a rough concrete finish and only comes in a jumbo slab of 1640 mm x 3240 mm.

The 2 thicknesses available still allow a choice of edging.

Speak to our team to learn more about this material on 01929 550653, or visit our stone showroom to see a sample.


This material has a light grey base, that features streaks and swirls of darker grey throughout.

It is finished off with a polished look, and, like all other materials in this article so far, can have a range of edges with the two thicknesses being available.

This material differs slightly as we are only able to get it in a standard slab size of 1440 mm x 3040mm.

Symphony Grey

This is a truly unique quartz as it has a light grey base, with white tones and silver streaks throughout. The pattern gives it a textured look which can make your bespoke kitchen worktop an extra feature on your kitchen.

Like the Montbanc, this comes as a standard sized slab with a polished finish. It also has the two thickness options and the variety of edging to choose from.

Frosty Carrina

This material is ivory white with powder grey veins throughout it which makes a classic and timeless look for your kitchen.

The polished finish material comes in both standard (1440 mm x 3040mm) and jumbo (1640 mm x 3240 mm) slabs and two thicknesses. Plus, it can have a variety of edging to make it a truly bespoke kitchen worktop for you.

Empira White

Empira White has a pure white base with veins of dark and light grey throughout.

These jumbo slabs (1640 mm x 3240 mm) have a shiny and smooth polished finish and can come in the same two thicknesses as the rest of our selection.

To add an extra element to your bespoke kitchen worktop, choose one edge type from our selection. Speak to us today on 01929 550653 to learn more.

Bianco Drift

A pale and glossy material that has splashes of light brown and light greys interlacing together; perfect for a kitchen with darker units and features.

This material is also produced with a polished finish and comes in a standard slab size (1440 mm x 3040m) or jumbo slab (1640 mm x 3240 mm).

This material also comes in 2 thicknesses and can be sculptured into a variety of edges.

Speak to us today

There it is, our top 10 Caesarstone materials. We are currently offering a special discount on these 10 materials. If you are interested, speak to our team by calling 01929 550653, or better yet, visit our stone showroom in Wareham. While we have tried to describe these materials as best we can, this is really the best way to get a true idea of what these materials look like.

We encourage you to bring one of your kitchen cupboard doors or a sample of them with you so that we can help you find the perfect match for your kitchen.

You can also take samples away with you to see how they fit in the room itself.

Our showroom staff are experts in bespoke kitchen worktops and will be able to help with any queries you have.

Alternatively, if you have an idea of what material you would like, you can give us a call on
01929 550653 or fill out the form on our contact page to get a quote.