Outdoor Kitchen Worktops

Outdoor Kitchen Worktops

Outdoor kitchens have really grown in popularity over the past few years. Not only are they functional, but they make your garden a more social and fun space to spend time in.

Whether you’re creating a space perfect for cocktails, summer garden parties, or all-year-round feasting, there’s nothing quite like the finishing touch of a stunning stone worktop.

At Eaton Stonemasons, we utilise some of the best stones on the market to craft our outdoor kitchen worktops for customers all across the South of England.

Types of outdoor kitchen countertops

We can provide stone worktops for a wide range of outdoor dining projects. These include:

– Outdoor kitchen worktops

– BBQ surfaces

– Bar tops

– Pizza oven surrounds

Whatever solution you’re installing in your outdoor kitchen area, we can help make your outside space is garden party ready for years to come!

Need advice on the best stone for your outdoor kitchen counteretop? Feel free to give us a call on 01929 550653. 

We're here to help

Let our experts help you to find your perfect stone surface.

    Recommended stones for outdoor kitchen worktops

    Because your outdoor kitchen worktop will be exposed to the sun’s UV rays and (especially in the UK) rain, you’ll need to choose a stone that can withstand the elements and is UV resistant. Some fantastic, attractive options include:

    Sintered Stone

    These stones are all easy to clean, hard wearing, and look great! They’re also non porous, meaning that they don’t stain easily and the material won’t break down over the years if it’s properly looked after.

    Some worktop materials, such as marble, are naturally softer and so their appearance will tarnish over time if used for outside applications. For this reason, we highly recommend you do your research before you choose a stone for your new outdoor space.

    The process

    At Eaton Stonemasons, we have decades of experience with stone kitchen worktops (both indoor and outdoor). You can rest assured that our team of professionals will look after you.

    We are here to help at any stage of your outdoor kitchen area, including:

    1. Advice – simply need some ideas or guidance? We can talk about our huge range of stone surfaces all day long!
    2. Design – we have an inhouse design team that can create beautiful visuals to help make your outdoor kitchen ideas a reality.
    3. Manufacture – using the latest technology, we manufacture all our custom stone worktops onsite at our facility in Wareham. This means we can make sure each worktop is made to extremely high standards,
    4. Installation – you can trust us to install your worktop perfectly. You don’t need to worry about the lifting, shifting, or finishing.

    View stone and discuss your project

    Our showroom based in Wareham holds 100s of different stone samples for you to browse.

    Our stone experts are also onsite to chat about your outdoor kitchen worktop project, offer advice, and help you source the perfect stone. To book a showroom visit simply fill in the form on this place or call us on ​​01929 550653.