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Are you looking to start up a restaurant business or planning a restaurant renovation? Either way, it’s important that the surfaces in your restaurant are long-lasting and durable in order to withstand the high levels of traffic you’ll receive, plus also matching the decor and theme of your restaurant.

Where may restaurant worktops be required?

Whether you own a large or small restaurant, if you are looking to give that luxury vibe to your establishment, then you don’t want to just opt for the first tabletop you see. Worktops within a restaurant are regularly installed for the following areas:

Benefits of using stone within a restaurant

As mentioned above, stone surfaces are generally extremely long-lasting and durable, but there are also many other benefits to using stone (whether that be quartz, granite or sintered stone) in your restaurant.

Easy to clean and maintain – There are no hidden grooves or areas where muck and dirt can get into, meaning the cleaning of your restaurant surfaces when you use stone will be super easy.

Hygienic – Did you know that quartz and sintered stone are naturally non-porous and prevent bacterial growth and fungi from developing? This means they are ideal for food preparation areas as well as customer-facing areas.

Heat resistant – The last thing you want is your worktops getting marked and ruined by hot plates being placed on them, fortunately, our stone worktops are heat resistant, so you can use them in all areas of your restaurant, whether it be a customer-facing area or in the kitchen.

Scratch and stain-resistant – Another bonus is that quartz and sintered stone worktops are naturally scratch and stain resistant, and we add surface treatment to granite to make it stain resistant, so you don’t need to worry about customers’ dropping anything on them and leaving a mark. They will still look as good as they did the day they were installed!

Premium look and feel – What do all these restaurants have in common? Cafe Rouge, Cote Brasserie, The Ivy, the famous Bettys Tea Rooms and a local favourite of ours Rick Steins… They all have stone features within their restaurant! Whether this is used for table tops, bars or reception areas, they are all premium and part of the appeal of these restaurants is the decor.

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    Why choose Eaton Stonemasons for your restaurant worktops?

    We’ve worked with many restaurants and local contractors to ensure that they are provided with exceptional service from initial consultation to the installation of their new worktops and/or restaurant surfaces. We pride ourselves on the following values:


    We only use the highest quality stone for all our customer’s surfaces, whilst also trying to be competitively priced. The quality of materials really speak for themselves which you’ll see when you visit our stone showroom or by taking a look at our gallery and case studies.


    All the work is done in house at our workshop in Wareham, Dorset. We have a team of extremely skilled stonemasons who work hard to ensure the product is the best of the best. We constantly upgrade our machinery, with the latest addition being a Thibaut CNC machine to complement our Commundulli automated polishing line.


    We’re not just talking about how many years in the industry we have (which is quite a lot), but also the experience you will receive from start to finish when you purchase with Eaton Stonemasons.

    You’ll receive a 1:1 consultation with one of our team to discuss your requirements before looking around our extensive materials showroom with over 300 stone options to browse at your convenience. We will keep you informed at every stage of the process, including the design stage and when our team will be coming out to complete the template. We are happy to work with your contractors or install the restaurant surfaces ourselves.

    Get in touch with Eaton Stonemasons for your restaurant surfaces

    If you’re ready to discuss your upcoming project, get in touch with Eaton Stonemasons and we can set up an initial meeting to go through your vision.

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