Choosing a custom worktop

Choosing a new work surface can be a difficult task so we use our experience to help guide you towards making the right choice and would encourage everyone to visit our showroom to help with material, colour and finish choices.

If you need further guidance when choosing your custom worktop, please phone our team on 01929 550653 for immediate, expert advice. 

Bespoke worktop design

350+ different samples to view

Our showroom currently has over three hundred and fifty different colours on show in a range of different materials as well as full size displays to help you make that final choice. Every single worktop that we produce is custom designed to fit your exact requirements.

We will never push you in any direction, but our experienced team will be happy to offer guidance on the best type of stone worktops to suit both the look and technical specifications that you have in mind. If you would like, we can also visit your premises to see what may work well for you.

Template Creation​

Once you have decided on the material you would like for your surface and your base units are in position, our experienced worktop templater will visit your home or premises to measure up and create a highly accurate template that will be passed on to our workshop for manufacture.

Need more help? Phone our experts on 01929 550653 today. 

Worktop designer

We're here to help

Let our experts help you to find your perfect stone surface.