Sintered Stone Countertops

Made to measure sintered stone worktops for the home or business

Sintered Stone Worktops

If you are looking for stone for your kitchen worktops, vanity unit, bathroom countertops, reception desk or something else entirely, you may think that your only options are natural stone (granite, marble etc.) or quartz. But there is another option available to you which may be perfect for your project: Sintered Stone countertops. 

Whatever the layout of your space or surface you need building, Eaton Stonemasons will be able to design, manufacture and install the perfect Sintered Stone worktops to meet your needs. 

Like Quartz worktops, Sintered Stone is a manufactured product made from a base of natural stone. However, this material is different in that it is made entirely from natural materials which are formed into incredibly strong and durable slabs – this process is called ‘sintering’.

If you need further guidance when choosing your custom sintered stone countertop, please phone our team on 01929 550653 for immediate, expert advice. 

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    What is sintering?

    The sintering process uses extreme heat and pressure to bond the material together without melting it. This results in the product being much stronger than the individual parts. 

    When making slabs of Sintered Stone, the raw materials are compacted under huge pressure of up to 5800 PSI (pounds per square inch). After that, they are baked at a temperature of around 1,200ºC, creating a slab of incredibly strong and versatile stone that is ideal as a countertop / worktop.

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    Benefits of Sintered Stone Countertops

    • High resistance – It is resistant to scratching, UV rays, bending and high temperatures.
    • Waterproof – Sintered stone is waterproof with an absorption level near zero.
    • Hygienic – Sintered stone countertops don’t release chemicals and are suitable for food.
    • 100% natural – It’s a resin-free natural material that’s suitable for high usage, making it the perfect choice for a busy family home or business. 

    To see the types of Sintered Stone we have available, please visit our stone showroom in Wareham, or view our materials gallery. Alternatively, please get in touch with our team to discuss your sintered stone countertop requirements by phoning 01929 550653 or filling in a contact form