Spotlight on: Unistone Quartz

Unistone Quartz Worktop

Quartz worktops are very popular in both kitchens and bathrooms, and here at Eaton Stonemasons, we stock a wide range of this stone to show the various colours and patterns that you can choose from.

One of our favourite manufacturers to work with is Unistone, and we want to share why we think this brand is a good option for your quartz worktop.

Why use Unistone for your quartz worktop?

There are many reasons why we would recommend using Unistone for your bespoke quartz worktops. These include:

Durability of the stone

Unistone quartz is extremely hardwearing as it is a composite which consists of over 90% natural quartz. This makes it very durable and the perfect stone to put in a busy kitchen or bathroom.

Range of colours bringing uniqueness

There is a whole variety of colours from snow white to pitch black and everything between. And each colour brings a unique pattern. If you are looking for something a little more neutral then pick a natural tone with a camouflaged structure, or if you are wanting something a little more vibrant find a brighter colour with a visible structure. The stone can also mimic the look of other stones, for example, you could choose to have a marble look alike worktop in your kitchen.

We stock a large selection of Unistone samples in our stone showroom, and visiting our showroom is always a great way to get a true idea of which colours and patterns you like and would suit your project. Plus, you can either bring in any door samples you have or take our samples away with you so that you can match your colours perfectly.

Size options

The slabs that we cut your bespoke quartz worktops from can come in two sizes. The standard size of 300 x 140 cm, and a jumbo size of 330 x 165 cm. This means that if we are having to cover a larger space, we can do so with little to no seams. Of course this doesn’t count if there is a corner involved!

In addition to this, Unistone slabs offer three thicknesses for your worktops:

  • 2cm
  • 3cm

This gives you a choice on how thick you want your quartz kitchen or bathroom worktop to be.

Variety of finishes

The finish to a quartz worktop can make all the difference in a kitchen or bathroom. Which is why it is great that Unistone offers a choice of finishes on their stones. If you are looking for that smooth, shiny surface than a polished finish is for you, but for something a little more natural and less shiny, you might want to go for a honed or velluto finish.

Competitive pricing and high quality

As with anything, there are a lot of different quartz brands to choose from, and with that there are varying degrees of prices. But we always find that Unistone is very high quality for a very fair price.

Where can Unistone Quartz be used?

Due to Unistone quartz being high stain and scratch resistant, the material is perfect for bespoke kitchen worktops, as they can withstand liquid spillages, and can resist a degree of heat. We do, however, still recommend the use of chopping boards and heat mats.

These qualities also make it suitable for using as Upstands, Splashbacks and Window Cills.

Low water absorption also means that they can create a great bathroom worktop too.

To learn more about having a Unistone Quartz kitchen or bathroom worktop fitted, complete the form on our contact us page, or give us a call on 01929 550653.

Examples of Unistone Quartz worktops in customer homes…

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If you have a commercial or home project on the horizon, why not consider using Unistone Quartz for any worktops?

Our stone showroom stocks a variety of Unistone Quartz samples, as well as other stone options, for you to view and choose from. While visiting our showroom, you can also speak to one of our quartz worktops experts.

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