Stone Reception Desks

Stone reception desks

Stone surfaces are not only stylish, but long-lasting and practical. Because of this, stone reception desks have become a popular choice for many businesses within the hospitality and corporate sectors. 

Whether you’re looking for a front desk top for a modern office space, or a more traditional hotel reception area, choosing stone gives you a multitude of options to suit any style. 

Why choose Eaton?

At Eaton Stonemasons we create fully bespoke stone reception desks, utilising some of the worlds best stones. We know that each business’ front desk requirements are different, so will work closely with you to create the perfect surface.

With decades of experience working with stone, we can help at every stage of your reception area project. From advice, to design, manufacturing and then installation, we will treat your project with the utmost professionalism and care.

From our state-of-the-art workshop in Wareham, we can create stone reception desks for one building, or support you in multi-location rollouts. 

Recommended stone types

At Eaton Stonemasons, our top picks for stone reception desks would have to be granitequartz and sintered stone. This is due to their durability and range of colours and patterns.

In some cases where it needs to make a real impact but won’t be susceptible to as much wear and tear, marble may be used.

Call our friendly, expert team on 01929 550653 to discuss which stone would be suitable for your reception desk. 

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    Stone front desk applications

    Businesses using stone reception desks include: 

    – Hotels

    – Offices

    – Casinos

    – Restaurants

    – Spas

    – Clubs

    Can’t see your business listed above? That’s not a problem, call our stone experts on 01929 550653 to discuss your specific requirements.

    Benefits of a stone reception desk

    Stone is a fantastic choice for a reception / front desk top for a number of reasons. These include:

    Easy to clean – Stone surfaces usually only need a wipe down with a damp cloth (and sometimes a mild soap) to keep them looking perfect. This ensures that your guests get a great first impression.
    Durable – Reception desks are prone to daily wear and tear, but stone is a far more hardwearing choice than other materials meaning that it should look great for years to come.
    Thousands of colour and pattern choices – Whatever your taste, style or requirements, there will be a stone to match. View our materials gallery for inspiration.
    High-end look – A stone surface gives off a stunning, eye-catching high-end finish that will impress any guest or customer.

    Learn more about the benefits of choosing a stone surface.

    Discuss your requirements

    We have vast experience in creating stone reception desks for a wide range of industries. We’d love to discuss your project with you, so why not give us a call on 01929 550653, fill in the contact form above, or visit our stone showroom in Wareham.