The benefits of using stone for your bespoke kitchen worktop

The Benefits Of Using Stone For Your Bespoke Kitchen Worktop | Eaton Stonemason News

Over the years, kitchen worktop materials have changed quite drastically, offering a vast choice across all budgets. New technology has given us tough materials that are virtually indestructible for the busiest of family homes. Meanwhile, the trend for open-plan layouts has led to the introduction of luxury materials for those able to provide them with a little extra TLC. Which material is it that offers this range? Stone!

Our guide walks you through the benefits of choosing stone for your bespoke kitchen worktop, as well as how the team at Eaton Stonemasons can help make your stone kitchen worktop vision a reality. 

Overview of stone kitchen worktops

Stone is fast becoming a favoured material for kitchen worktops around the world as more people are abandoning wood and laminate in favour of this multi-feature alternative. For some, nothing beats the beauty of natural stone, it’s unique colouring to each slab, and it’s luxurious timeless finish. 

Benefits of choosing stone for your bespoke kitchen worktop

We honestly wouldn’t recommend stone if we didn’t truly believe that it was the best choice for your home. Among many other benefits, by choosing a stone worktop you should expect; 

Low maintenance

Stone worktops are simple to wipe down and keep clean which makes them an easy choice to maintain the hygienic standards that are required for a kitchen. Cleaning is a minimal effort task that only requires a damp cloth and warm soapy water. However, we do recommend you mop up spills immediately, as this will avoid any difficult to remove stains appearing. 

Looking for more tips on how to keep your bespoke kitchen worktop in the best condition? We’ve written a full care instruction guide on our website. 

Hard wearing

A busy kitchen environment can be tough on your surfaces, and the movement of knives, hot pans and heavy crockery all have the potential to damage your worktop. The high strength and durability of stone allows it to withstand frequent wear and tear, making it a material that is well-suited to the home. Consequently, the likelihood of cracks, chips and scratches is reduced, leaving your worktops with a virtually blemish-free finish for years. 


No two pieces of stone are the same, and therefore it’s the perfect choice if you’re looking to put a unique stamp on your property. Whether you choose granite, quartz or any other stone choice, you’ll be pleased to know that no one will have the same kitchen worktop as you. 

Adds and retains value

Buyers often pay close attention to kitchens and bathrooms when viewing properties. The high-end aesthetic that stone adds to a home can help boost the saleability of your property, especially when integrated into a well-designed room. Even better, if your stone worktops are maintained to a high standard, this value is often not lost as the years go by.

Why choose a bespoke stone kitchen worktop? 

Eaton Stonemasons are a highly regarded bespoke kitchen worktop manufacturer and we have years of experience with helping customers find the perfect stone for them. Although we might be slightly biased, we honestly believe that you won’t find the same finish, quality or durability by choosing anything other than stone for your bespoke kitchen worktop

For more information on stone worktops, read our article: Why choose a bespoke kitchen worktop?

Let our team help

Make 2021 the year that you treat yourself to that bespoke kitchen worktop that you have been dreaming of. With all the hardships that 2020 has put us through, you deserve the investment and we would love the opportunity to help you with the project. From design, manufacture and installation, our talented team will help you with each stage, ensuring that the finished project is better than you could ever imagine. 

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