Why choose Eaton Stonemasons for your custom stone worktops?

Custom stone worktops | Why choose Eaton Stonemasons?

When you start a new kitchen or bathroom design project, one of the things you will need to consider is what worktop options you will want to go for. 

We may be biased, but we think we are a great choice for just this. In this article, we explain a bit more about why you should choose Eaton Stonemasons, and also why going custom is beneficial for your project and your home. 

Why should I choose custom stone worktops from Eaton Stonemasons?

So you’ve decided to get your worktops made bespoke, great choice! Below is a bit more information about us and why you should choose Eaton Stonemasons. 

We’re tried and tested

Don’t just take our word for it, we’ve got over 180 Checkatrade reviews which speak highly of our services. We’re rated 10/10 for each of the key criteria, including: 

  • Reliability
  • Courtesy
  • Tidiness
  • Workmanship

You can view our reviews here >>

Absolutely fantastic. More than pleased. Faultless. Could go on. Brilliant service from enquiry to completion. Would recommend Eaton Stonemasons to anyone who is thinking of having new worktops.

We’ve got heaps of experience

Between all our stonemasons, we have over 75 years’ experience in designing and crafting custom stone worktops. 

This means we are hugely knowledgeable about the types of worktops that suit different styles of kitchens and bathrooms, the benefits of each type of stone, and the best materials to use for kitchens. 

We do everything in house 

We don’t contract any of our jobs out to other workmen, everything is done from our workshop in Wareham. This means that we take real pride in our work, and everything we craft goes through a very strict quality control process. Nothing will leave our workshop that isn’t perfect

From design to template making and worktop creation, our team will personally deliver your worktop and install it too! 

We use the latest technology

With our extensive experience comes knowledge of the best technology and equipment that our stonemasons should be using. 

We strive to offer the highest quality of workmanship in everything we do, so are always looking at using the most modern and upgraded machinery. This includes our polishing and cutting machines. 

By using high quality machinery, we can really stand out against the competition as we are always looking to invest in the best!

We’re environmentally responsible

By choosing a local business for your custom stone worktops, you can rest assured that you’re also doing your bit for the environment. 

We have even made our own water treatment plant which allows us to run all our machinery and workshop on recycled water!

We offer a full service experience

You’re welcome to visit our showroom in Wareham and see for yourself the types of custom worktops that are available. We offer over 300 worktop options, which vary from quartz to granite, marble and much more! 

We’re not just stonemasons, we’re advisors

We’re not just a faceless business of stonemasons that sit in our workshop creating worktops, we are happy to sit down with you and go through your questions, queries and thoughts. Unsure how you’ll get a worktop to fit your quirky kitchen or have something in mind that you’ve never come across before? We can bring your vision to life! 

Why should I choose custom stone worktops?

When you visit a kitchen or bathroom showroom, you will be presented with a range of worktop options to go with your chosen design. Whilst the worktop options you will be given will vary hugely in price, material and quality, you will likely pay a huge markup for whichever you choose. This is done purposely by the retailer as it’s not something they will make ‘in house’. 

You can simply say to your chosen kitchen or bathroom designer that you will be sourcing your worktops separately and will be surprised at how much you save or the improved quality you can get for your budget by choosing a custom stone worktop instead. 

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Contact Eaton Stonemasons

If you are interested in getting a custom stone worktop designed for your home, or maybe you’re a property developer wanting to improve the quality and look of your build, get in touch with Eaton Stonemasons today. 

You can phone us on 01929 550653, email us on sales@eatonstonemasons.com or visit our showroom during our opening hours: Mon – Fri 8.30am – 5.30pm.