How we work with kitchen and bathroom fitters to supply our custom worktops

Working with kitchen and bathroom fitters

With a combined 75 years of experience building completely bespoke, top quality stone custom worktops for businesses and homes across the South West, we’ve grown to understand the importance of a great partnership when it comes to working with our trade clients.  

In this article, we wanted to explain a bit more about our process when working in partnership with kitchen fitters and bathroom fitters.  

How it works… 

Let us know about your project 

In most cases, it will start with an initial project spec via email or over the phone, this will help us to gauge the work in hand. We can brainstorm some ideas together so we match what your client is looking for and so we’re all on the same page. 

Receive your quote 

Once we know what you/they are looking for, we will provide a quote to you at trade price. If you’ve informed us of your clients budget at the planning stage, we will be able to provide you with the perfect stone worktop match, otherwise, we can always provide you with various quotes for different stone options. Don’t worry, we will never discuss costs directly with your client.

Get your samples 

To really get an idea of the quality of our stone worktops, we provide samples to you, or your client can visit our showroom if they would like more involvement in the project. (Don’t worry, we will never discuss pricing directly with them).

Your customers’ template is created

Next up is a home visit, this allows us to create a bespoke template for the stone worktop. 

The install takes place 

The timeline between us getting the template and manufacturing is around 1 week, and then we are ready to install. 

Based on your project timescales, we can discuss with you when the best time to install the finished worktop is, allowing everything to run seamlessly. Our team can work alongside you and your team or other contractors simultaneously so it all goes smoothly. 

The finished product = a very happy customer! What more could you ask for? 

Why do bathroom and kitchen fitters choose Eaton Stonemasons?

  • All our custom worktops are built by our experts, in our onsite workshop.
  • We always offer a reliable and trustworthy service – we have over 180 reviews on Checkatrade.
  • There are a range of stone types, over 300 to be precise, including some of the most popular stone brands.
  • We provide quick turnaround times, which will work inline with your project timescales.
  • You’ll have access to our comprehensive stone showroom.

Frequently asked questions by our trade customers’ 

Q1. Can I install the worktop myself if you supply it?

  • In short, yes. If you would prefer us to just do the manufacturing part of the process, this is fine and we will work this into our quote. We do however advise all our customers (trade and individuals) that we install them. Our specialists have heaps of experience dealing with the various stone types we use and a lot of care needs to be taken when handling the worktops. Whilst we trust our client and trade partners, we would rather take that pressure off you. 

Q2. Are you happy for a markup to be added to your custom worktop quotes?

  • Yes, we will never discuss the quote we provide you with to your customer if they come into our showroom to look at stone options, or when we are installing the finished worktop. 

Q3. Is there a specific type of material that should be used in bathrooms?

  • Almost every material we show in our showroom is suitable to be used in a bathroom, whether it’s marble, granite, quartz or sintered stone. The hardest decision to make is choosing the right colour.

Q4. Is there a specific thickness of material that can be used in a bathroom?

  • Most materials have the option of being supplied in a 2cm or 3cm thickness with a few quartz and sintered stone products being available in a 1.2cm thickness. We think that a bathroom surface needs to look sleeker than a kitchen surface and for that reason we generally advise using a 2cm thick material, but ultimately the choice is the clients. 

Have a project coming up?

We understand that not every project that you quote ends up getting booked for whatever reason, but this doesn’t mean we aren’t happy to help. We try to provide our quotes as quickly as possible to you so you have the best chance of booking the job. 

We are open Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5.30pm, so when you’re ready to discuss a custom worktop for your client, simply pop in, give us a call on 01929 550653 or send us an email on